What are RTP and Slot Volatility?

When researching new slot games, one term you’ll see come up time and time again is RTP.

In this article we’ll be digging into RTP, what to look out for, and how to find a game’s RTP for any Casino.

When researching new slot games, one term you’ll see come up time and time again is RTP.

RTP stands for Return to Player, and is something you’ll want to understand when evaluating whether a game is right for you.

Each game has its own RTP, which will always remain the same.

Of course, there are plenty of other factors to consider when deciding which slot you want to play.

However, in this article we’ll be digging into RTP, what to look out for, and how to find a game’s RTP for any Casino.

What is RTP?

RTP is short for Return to Player. Its purpose is to tell you the percentage of returns a player could expect to receive over a given time.

For any game in a Casino, the “house” always has an edge. For a slot machine, the RTP represents what this edge is.

Let’s take an example of how RTP works.

Say you have £100 to play with on a slot game.

If the game’s RTP is 96%, then you should expect the game to return £96 to you (96%) over a given time.

What’s a good RTP?

As you do your research, you’ll see that RTPs vary quite dramatically.

One big distinction is to compare “real life” slot machine, vs online machines. In Las Vegas, you can expect an RTP to be between 70-80%.

However, for online Casinos the average RTP for a slot game is 95%.

That’s a pretty big difference right?!

Well, nearly all online slots will have an RTP in the 90-99% region. But 95% is the ballpark figure that you should be looking for.

How to find the RTP?

The UK Gambling Commission requires that any slot game must make its RTP % available.

To find the RTP for your online slot game, you typically need to find the game’s settings. This is available once you’ve opened the slot game even if you haven’t played it yet.

Look for any information regarding a “pay table” or “payout” labels. This is where you’ll find the RTP for the game.

We always recommend checking out a game’s RTP before hitting that spin button.

Book of 99 RTP

In the image above, you can see the Book of 99’s RTP is 99%. That’s the sort of RTP we can get behind!

RTP vs Volatility

As mentioned above, a slot game’s RTP will always remain the same. However, getting to the game’s designated RTP can come in lots of different ways.

This is where volatility, or variance, comes into play.

Some games have high volatility. This means that wins will be fewer, but greater in size. This is in contrast to a low volatility game, where you can expect to win more frequently, but much smaller wins.

If you’re more keen to seek out bigger one-off wins, then a high volatility game is for you!

You could compare Volatility to 2 lottery games.

Let’s say the jackpot for both is £10M, and the odds for winning are exactly the same.

However, in one game there are 10 winners of £1M, and in the other, there’s just one £10M winner.

In the example above, the latter version of the lottery game would have a high volatility, and the former would be a low volatility.

The same theory applies to slot games. If you’d prefer to win more frequently, then go for the low volatility games. The RTP works out to be the same regardless.

What are the highest RTP UK games?

We’ve picked out 3 of our favourite high RTP slot games below.

Book of 99 - 99% RTP

Book of 99 Slot Game

We’re yet to find a higher RTP than the Book of 99. It’s even named after its RTP!

There are 5 reels in the game with 10 lines. Overall the max stake win is 5000x.

Do be careful with this game though, as its volatility is high!

BloodSuckers - 98% RTP

Bloodsuckers Slot Game

A classic online slot that is still very popular with UK players. With an RTP of 98% you can see why!

Not only is this one of the highest RTP games out there, but its volatility is also low. So you can expect to win more frequently than many other games out there.

White Rabbit Megaways - 97.72% RTP

White Rabbit Megaways Slot Game

White Rabbit Megaways boasts not only fantastic graphics, but also a very strong RTP of 97.72%.

Its volatility is medium-high, and has a whopping max top prize of 13000x.

Where can I play high RTP slots in the UK?

We recommend the following Casinos for high RTP slots below. They’ve all been tested, vetted and come with Free Spins to get your up and running!