Free Spins FAQs

In the past few years, Free Spins have become a very popular way for Casinos to introduce new users to their slot games.

These questions are based on the most popular questions that people in the UK are asking Google all about Free Spins. We’ll keep adding to this list so it becomes more useful as time goes by!

These days, in the UK there are hundreds of offers and casinos available for you to make the most of these great Free Spin offers.

We started Free Spin Master to help you navigate those offers and help you find the very best Free Spin deals. But after doing so much research, we realised that the same questions come up again and again.

So, we decided to make a resource to help answer the most Frequently Asked Questions about Free Spins in the UK.

Let’s jump right in.

What are Free Spins?

Free Spins are a risk free way to play a Casino’s slot games. They are normally offered by Casinos to new users as a way to introduce them to the games they have on offer.

Despite there being no risk for the player who gets the Free Spins, it’s still possible to win real money from Free Spins. This is one of the main reasons why Free Spins have become so popular in recent years.

Don’t believe us? Just check out the popularity of the search term “free spins” in the UK over the last 5 years:

How do Free Spins work?

Free Spin offers vary from Casino to Casino. For this reason it’s important that you read the T&Cs for any Free Spin offer you’re signing up for. We always list the offer information in our list of current Free Spin deals.

Typically, this is how the Free Spins Work:

1. Choose your Game

Check the type of offer, the Casino offering it, and the games you can play with. Doing your research is important at this stage, and we recommend checking out our list of current Free Spin Deals!

2. Sign Up

Free Spin deals are normally reserved for new users of a Casino only. As such, you’ll need to register your details, which may involve submitting some form of identification and/or proof of address.

3. Get your Free Spins

The Casino will now add your Free Spins into your account. If you have to redeem a code in order to get your spins, you’ll need to enter it at this point.

4. Use your Free Spins!

This is the best bit… playing! Keep an eye on how many free spins you have left, and have fun. That’s what Free Spins are all about.

This is the fun bit. Check your Free Spins remaining balance, and get playing. Good luck!

Can you win money on Free Spins?

Yes, you can win real money on Free Spins. The reason for confusion here is that any money you win from a Free Spin might be subject to Wager Requirements.

“What are Wager Requirements?” I hear you ask!

Wager Requirements state the amount of time your winnings need to be bet (or “wagered”) before they can be withdrawn from the Casino to your bank account.

It’s really important to understand Wager Requirements for this reason. A Wagering Requirement affects how attractive a Free Spin offer looks.

Wagering Requirements Example

Your Free Spin bonus is for 100 Free Spins. The Wagering Requirement is 20x.

With one of your Free Spins, you win £2. Great stuff! This £2 can be used as credit for any other game in the Casino.

However, right now you can’t withdraw that £2. Instead, it needs to be wagered 20x times, i.e you need to place bets that add up to £40 before it becomes withdrawable.

Once you’ve met the Wager Requirements, you’re free to do whatever you want with the balance.

How do you get Free Spins?

Great question. The most important part is research! There are lots of Casinos in the UK that offer Free Spins, and we’ve made a list of our favourite offers on our dedicated page here.

Just make sure you read the T&Cs of any offer that takes your fancy. Remember, not all Free Spins are equal! If you can find an offer that doesn’t require any Deposit, and has low, or no Wagering Requirements, then even better.

Are Free Spins worth it?

In a word – yes! If Free Spins weren’t worth it, then we wouldn’t have made this site. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: always do your research when it comes to Free Spins.

It’s important to understand what you’ll need to do in order to get your Free Spins in the first place. For example, do you need to verify your card before you receive them? Perhaps you need to make a first time deposit. What are the Wager Requirements?

As long as you’re aware of the above, then you’ll be finding great Free Spin deals before you know it.

Why do Casinos give Free Spins?

Casinos give Free Spins as a promotional tool. These days there are lots of online Casinos in the UK. And of course, they all believe their games and Casino are the best!

So, to get new players, Free Spins offer a way to try out their games and see which ones they like. If they enjoy them, the hope is that they’ll end up becoming a loyal user in the future.

Meanwhile, the player gets a chance to test the games out, and also have a chance of winning real money with those Free Spins!

What are No Deposit Free Spins?

No Deposit Free Spins allow you to play Casino games for real money without depositing any of your own money. They’re definitely one of the most popular types of Free Spins because there is zero risk to the player.

In contrast, some Free Spin offers depend on you making a minimum deposit into your account. These are known as Deposit Free Spins.

How to make money from Free Spins?

Noone makes a living from Free Spins! But as we’ve discussed above, it is possible to win real money from Free Spins.

By receiving Free Spins from a Casino, you will be playing the game as if you’re playing for real cash. Another important thing to take note of is whether your Free Spins winnings are capped.

This would mean there’s an upper limit for how much a Casino will pay out in case you hit it lucky.

What are the best Free Spins?

There are new Free Spin offers being updated all the time. This is the exact reason why we built Free Spin Master!

The best Free Spin offers in the UK can be found on our dedicated Free Spins page.


  • Do your research
  • Complete the offer requirements
  • And have fun!

If you remember those three points, we have no doubt you’ll get as much enjoyment from Free Spins as the team do here.